Caterpillar 1R1808 Engine Oil Filter


Caterpillar 1R1808 Engine Oil Filter 3406 C15 Genuine Advanced Efficiency. Stable performance, high reliability.In line with OEM standard. read more




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Replaces Caterpillar:

1R-0716, 1W-2660, 249-2347, 2P-4005, 3I-1284, 3I-1293, Baldwin B49, B7245, B7249-MPG, B7272, B7402, B97, B99, B99-B, B99-MPG, B99-SS, BK6217, BK6221, BK6226, BK6227, BK6229, BK6231, BK6233, BK6236, BK6237, BK6238, BK6239, BK6247, BK6254, BK6259, BK6266, BK6269, BK6271, Carquest 85722, 85801, 85792, 85792MP, 85792XE, 85792XD, 85848, 885792XD, Fleetguard LF3374, LF3472, LF3566, LF691, LF691A, LF9691, LF9691A, LF703, Fram TPH3335FP, PH3426, PH3335, HPH3335FP, HPH3335, Hastings B7402, FP359, FP360, LF282, LF282XS, LF360, LF359, LF567, Luber-Finer LFP4005, LFP4005HE, LFP4005RN, LFP4005SC, LFP4005TRT, LFP4005XL, LFP8469, LK103CA, LK142CA, LK175CA, LK203CA, LK213CA, LK54CA, LK56CA, LK83CA, LK87D, LK90CA, LK93CA, LK96CA, LK97D, NAPA 1722, 1792, 1801, 1848, Volvo Penta 17201-5003, 3430937, 3945425, WIX 51722, 51792, 51792EC, 51792MP, 51792XD, 51792XE, 51801, 51848, 57604。

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